Once you join a community within the Massachustts Tennis Association (MTA), you can immediately begin searching for other players of similar ability. The search can be within your community network or you can expand it to other networks within the system.


Are you and your friend looking for a good doubles match on Saturday morning or Monday afternoon? The software used by the MTA allows you to invite your friends or send out a public invitation to a specific level of player who you would like to fill the open slots.


Unlike other rating systems that only provide a very broad or general indication of your level, the MTA software can tell you exactly where you stand. The more you play, the more accurate your rating becomes. The system does not just take into account whether or not you won or lost; losing 7-6, 7-6 is very different than losing 6-1, 6-1. Our system accounts for that difference.


With busy schedules, it can be difficult to carve out a particular time each week in order to play a match. In a flex league, you and your opponent arrange a mutually agreeable time at a mutually agreable location.

Match locations are preferably within the community where the association is situated (e.g., Acton-Boxborough Tennis Association matches should be played in Acton/Boxborough) or they may also be played in a contiguous town (Westford, Groton, Stow, Littleton or Concord) if both parties agree on the site.

Players can register and pay for the league directly through the website and the winner of each flex league wins a prize! These leagues are both for singles and doubles.


The MTA is powered by the Marcus Lewis Tennis Center which provides the highest level of instruction in the area. Classes are available to juniors as young as 4 years of age up through tournament-playing teens. Adult instruction is offered from early morning through late evening, seven days a week.