About Us

The Massachusetts Tennis Association (MTA) is an organization that:

- Builds relationships between tennis players in specific communities.
- Provides players with accurate ratings of their abilities.
- Helps players to connect with each other.
- Offers consistent competitive playing opportunities for men, women and juniors.

How is this achieved? It all begins with an accurate rating assessment. 

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) should be given credit for being the first organization in the United States to create a universal rating system. That system is based on a scale of 1-7 (1 being a total beginner and 7 a successful professional player). 

The problem is that this system is too broad; it does not account for the strength difference between men and women and it does not account for age. As a result, a new system, "Tencap," is gradually emerging as a superior option. Tencap rates players on a scale of 0-80 with a zero being an elite professional and an 80 being a complete beginner. Whether a man is playing a woman or the opponent is 16 years old or 60 years old, if they have a similar rating, than the level is guaranteed to be close.

What leverages this rating is the software. When you join an MTA community, you can easily find a match with other players by simply setting your filters and pressing a button! You can create matches with your friends who are part of an MTA community or you can invite new players to join you.

How much does this cost? Absolutely nothing!  Joining the MTA is free, as is searching out other players. The only fee you will pay is if you decide to join a flex league or if you want to participate in a local instructional clinic. Flex league matches are played on local courts which means no court fees and it also means that the cost to participate is substantially lower than it would be to play at a traditional club. For more information on lessons and flex leagues, please visit our services page.